How MUSE Global School Prepares Students For College and Beyond


Whether our students plan to attend college, head straight into the workforce, or enjoy a gap year, we want them to be as prepared as possible. That’s why we give our students access to various professional, academic, and social pathways to pursue their passions and write the next chapter of their lives.

Layla, one of our current seniors, was recently featured in a newsletter. Her story illustrates how we educate our students differently and prepare them for life outside of MUSE.

“MUSE Global School’s flexible learning style fosters a sense of individuality and encourages us to pursue our passions through passion-based learning.”

 At MUSE Global School, our student-focused curriculum is award-winning, internationally recognized, and academically rigorous, and our school has been accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

Using our patented passion-based learning model, we let our students filter their education through the lens of their passions. All of our students, from kindergarten through their senior year, finish their year with a Culmination. This final assignment, also known as a Passion Project, allows students to use all of what they’ve learned throughout the year to prepare a presentation about their chosen passion. We believe that, by letting them learn through something they care about, our students will be more excited about their education and will learn the information at a much deeper and more meaningful level.

Layla’s final passion project was on Primatology, where she delved into the early history of primatology thinkers, adaptations in primate genomes, and more.

“The … human rights trips I have been on have … changed me as a person [and] given me profound insight into how most people around the world live…”

 What’s a school without field trips?

Our middle and high school students have the opportunity to explore their world through real-life experience and adventure. With a peer group and MUSE Global School staff as an advisor, students can go on an immersive expedition themed around a class, like our recent Visual Arts trip to Barcelona, or on a service learning trip with our Human Rights program.

These trips help our students broaden their horizons and see the world as it is. But you don’t have to take our word for it! Here’s what Layla had to say about some of the service learning trips she’s been a part of:

“During this recent trip to Guatemala, I again witnessed firsthand the impact of providing surgical care to children in need, and how genuinely grateful they are for us. I have seriously never seen bigger smiles in my life. Interviewing workers at the hospital, Centro Moore, further opened my eyes to the healthcare disparities and corruption that the people of Guatemala face. Connecting with the children, some of whom I had met the previous year, gave me a deep sense of purpose and compassion.”

“The college application process is exhausting, to say the least, but there is no better feeling than receiving the acceptance letters.”

 In high school, MUSE Global School kicks that post-secondary preparation into high gear with our You Prep Program. Each grade level is split into four different themes:

This is Who I Am (freshman), This is How I Am (sophomore), This is Me (junior), and This is Where I’m Going (senior).

Throughout their progression, students work with a MUSE Global School College Counselor to examine the post-secondary options they’re interested in, discuss where their interests might lead them, visit college campuses, and put together a portfolio. In their senior year, our students take two college prep classes that help them perfect their writing skills for college essays and prepare them with the life skills they need to succeed.

And what if they don’t have an idea of what they’d like to pursue? Just ask our College Counselor, Kristen Wasson:

“MUSE gives students myriad opportunities to try out ideas and to meet successful adults who work in various fields and come to campus to share their journeys. The one-on-one college counseling offers students the chance to have an adult listen and explore their interests and potential careers, and to discover the schools that have the best resources, environments, and professors committed to mentoring young people.”

This framework has helped our students achieve a 100% acceptance rate to the school of their choice. Layla has received acceptance letters from Sarah Lawrence, Lewis and Clark, and Gettysburg!

 Are you ready to start writing your Success Story? Learn how MUSE Global School does education differently. And if you’re ready to join the MUSE Family, you can apply today.

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