The Five Pillars

Our Five Pillars serve as the educational philosophy guiding all that we do and all that our students learn. MUSE Global School has created standards or educational milestones for each grade within each of the Five Pillars.

the five pillars
Self Efficacy
Five Pillars

The Five Pillars are the foundation of our learning platform.
We are dedicated to these Five Pillars, which form the foundation of all MUSE Global academics, curriculum and culture.


MUSE Global Five Pillars - MUSE Global School

Teaching academic standards to uphold scholastic rigor. Specific to each developmental level, core academics (math, science, language arts, social studies, history) and age-appropriate milestones are woven into topics derived from the students’ respective interests.

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MUSE Global Five Pillars - Passion Based Learning - MUSE Global School

Inspiring students to engage in their passions. MUSE infuses Passion-Based Learning with Core Academics to create learning opportunities that are challenging, individualized and unique. Students are encouraged through their interests and passions to learn at a deep and meaningful level.

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MUSE Global Self Efficacy - MUSE Global School

Motivating students to believe in their open, resourceful and persistent skill sets. Self-efficacy is defined as “my belief in my ability to be successful by accessing my open, resourceful and persistent skill sets.” Research shows that a student’s belief in their ability to succeed directly relates to being successful.

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MUSE Global Passion Based Learning - MUSE Global School

Preparing students to effectively communicate with an ever-evolving world. MUSE uses the Process Communication Model (PCM), a platform to help students and teachers assess, connect, motivate others, understand behavior, communicate effectively and resolve conflict.

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MUSE Global Sustainability - MUSE-Global-School

MUSE values and exercises sustainable practices in our curriculum, fostering the next generation of climate advocates. We bring it to life with our Food Energy Water (F.E.W.) initiative, where students educate themselves and the community on the process of re-purposing and conserving these precious resources.

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“MUSE’s mantra: Quality everywhere and an absolute addiction to excellence.”

— Suzy Amis Cameron

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