Green Campus


As a community committed to sustainability, MUSE Global is committed to caring for our wild, living earth and the health of all MUSE students.

MUSE Global boasts beautifully constructed 5 solar sunflowers that offset daily power usage between 75% and 90%. The lights, AC, electric cooking equipment, refrigerators, and freezers are all powered by the sun.

“The design was intended to create a functional art piece,” stated James Cameron, sun flower designer and husband of MUSE Founder Suzy Amis Cameron. “The tracking base moves the flower head the way a real flower will grow toward the sun. The MUSE Sunflower project proposes the idea that solar can be a creative, artistic addition to our landscaping.” MUSE students of all grade-levels use the solar sun flowers to explore design, engineering, construction and mathematics.

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Air quality for a healthy environment.
MUSE Global classrooms are designed to maximize natural light, and are super-inslulated and air-sealed for comfort and energy efficiency. Our automated energy recovery ventilation systems continually introduce fresh air to our buildings, while our polished slab and reclaimed wood or bamboo floors help improve indoor air quality.

Green Campus materials and fixtures for sustainability and health.
MUSE Global school was built with sustainability and the health of our students as a primary goal. Our Ceramic-based concrete countertops are free of toxin-containing Portland cement, and our walls are built using non-toxic joint compounds, paints, primers and finishes, many made from natural materials. We use single gallon, pressure assist toilets, waterless urinals, and wave control faucets for our bathrooms, and whole building water filtration systems.


Upcycling and green campus garden.
MUSE Global has a robust recycling program, and upcycles multiple items into our play areas or other functions throughout the campus. Our campus garden features a water-efficient drip system to minimize water use. We strive to produce a variety of food in our garden to reduce food transportation to campus and to provide provide fresh, healthy lunches and snacks for our students.

Student participation.
Our students help us by monitor our resource use daily in our classrooms, and are required to participate in Food Energy Water projects. MUSE students also help by tending, planting and caring for our gardens as part of learning self-sufficiency and sustainability.

MUSE Global Campus Organic Garden - MUSE Global SchoolMUSE Global School - Suzy Amis CameronMUSE Global School Garden - Sustainability - MUSE Global School

Earning widespread recognition for sustainability.
The MUSE Global commitment to modeling sustainably and promoting a healthy, eco-conscious lifestyle is earning widespread recognition among industry experts and government leaders.

2014 School Hero to All Award — Animal Hero Kids
The Animal Hero Kids organization’s mission is: Fostering empathy and kindness in children and youth by encouraging and recognizing compassionate and courageous acts that help all species of animals; and offering complimentary, interactive, humane education programs highlighting stories of the rescue and aid of animals in need.

2012 Pavley Environmental Sustainability Award
A monthly award made by Senator Fran Pavley (California’s 23rd Senate District) to people, businesses, or organizations dedicated to preserving the environment by living and working responsibly.

“What a tremendous and timely platform for educating and transforming future generations while engendering a culture of health, wellness, and environmental literacy. MUSE Schools are doing this and deliver what every parent strives for: healthy, happy, and inquisitive scholars of tomorrow. MUSE Global Schools are innovating and transforming education.”


— Dean Ornish, MD

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