Specialist Programs

One of the many things that sets MUSE Global School apart from other private schools, is our specialist programs and elective courses available to all students. These are what spark creative thought and provide an outlet of nature and imagination that students of all ages crave.


Specialists Programs - Seed To Table - MUSE Global SchoolSpecialists Programs - Plant Based Cooking - MUSE Global School

Seed-to-table and plant-based cooking
On our stunning 22-acre campus in the Santa Monica Mountains, MUSE Global School has over 100 raised garden beds constructed with reclaimed materials. Students choose the plant varieties they want to grow, then sow, tend, and harvest produce for the MUSE OMD Kitchen and MUSE’s community restaurant partners. Students from ECE – 12th grade work with our Head Chef in weekly plant-based cooking classes. Gardening opportunities range from one-on-one projects with the Seed-to-Table Director and MUSE’s Head Chef to group projects involving several students and members of the community.

For eight years, MUSE Seed to Table Program has maintained a working relationship with Miller Career and Transition Center, a school that provides young adults with special needs hands-on job training. Miller students visit MUSE to work alongside MUSE students tending to our gardens. These workdays provide students from both schools an opportunity to learn from each other while learning gardening skills.

In 2019 MUSE Seed to Table Program added an aquaponic and hydroponic system to its campus. Students learn every aspect of caring for these systems including monitoring ph, nitrate, and phosphorus levels, controlling nutrients, and caring for the fish. These systems expose students to one possible element of the future of farming while also teaching valuable lessons in chemistry and biology.


Specialists Programs - Visual Arts - MUSE Global SchoolSpecialist Programs - MUSE Visual Arts Curriculum - MUSE Global School

The MUSE Global School Visual Arts curriculum invokes students from ECE  through high school to develop their skills from the basic fundamentals to artistic perception, creative expression, and aesthetic value. As skills improve, art classes incorporate different techniques and mediums. Students engage in reflection and observation of how and why art is created in different cultures. Once in middle school, students can also apply for our international visual arts trip where they spend one week immersing themselves in the arts and culture of a new city. Past trips have included Tokyo, Japan and Florence, Italy.


Special Programs For Performing Arts - MUSE Global SchoolSpecialists Programs - Plant Based Cooking - MUSE Global School

The MUSE Global School Performing Arts Program provides our ECE through high school students the opportunity to engage in all aspects of theater and film, including acting, writing, directing, design, editing, dance and vocal performance. By encouraging students to explore performing arts, not only do we aim to create informed and skilled theater/filmmakers, but instill self-confidence, imagination, team work, empathy, concentration and communication skills, while providing a fun and often much needed emotional outlet. This program includes performance opportunities in plays and musicals produced by the school each year. Past performances have included Diary of Anne Frank, Into the Woods, You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown and The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.


Specialist Programs - World Language -French and Spanish - MUSE Global SchoolSpecialist Programs - World Language Teachers - MUSE Global School

Bonjour! Hola! MUSE Global School offers French and Spanish specialist programs to all of our students. ECE students begin with language and cultural exploration and enjoy classes that include puppetry, songs, poems, and stories. As students enter elementary, our World Language teachers focus on pronunciation, vocabulary, applications, reading, and writing. In addition, teachers expose students to the culture of the countries that speak the language. MUSE also offers American Sign Language to grades 6th – 12th.


Students in Middle and High School can add additional electives and afterschool clubs. These include: American Sign Language, Book Club, Creative Writing, Storytelling, Yearbook, Coding, Yoga, and Leadership.

“Because MUSE serves as a beacon of sustainable living and design, students are engaged and motivated in so many areas: academics, communication, creativity, confidence, health and wellness (and more). I am thrilled that MUSE is sharing this with others worldwide!”

— Elliot Washor, EdD, cofounder of Big Picture Learning

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