Welcome to MyMUSE! MyMUSE is how we refer to our Virtual Learning Environment here at MUSE Global School. In order to help facilitate learning throughout the school day our teachers may utilize several platforms that are collectively referred to as MyMUSE — these include Canvas, IXL, and other online resources.



MyMUSE starts and ends with your student’s MUSE Global School Gmail address. All Kindergarten – 12th grade students are provided with an email address, new students have the email and password info sent to their primary guardians. The student’s email is used to sign into Google Chrome and most online resources. It is important that you keep your student’s email and password information secure and handy, it is likely the only login information your student will need throughout the school year.

Your student’s teacher will inform you and your student as to what extent they may utilize Canvas. Our Canvas url is: mymuse.instructure.com. Your student will already have an account made for them and they’ll be able to access Canvas using Single Sign On through their MUSE Global School Gmail, instructions are included in the MyMUSE Login Instructions included in the manual below.


View the MyMUSE Manual

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