As educators, the reason behind our hard work and commitment in creating a special, unique environment is for our students and their families. We love the encouraging words and support from our MUSE Global families! Not only are parents and students our strongest advocates, they are the reason we are here doing what we love. We hope you will join them!

“I love MUSE for my daughters who are teenagers. I can’t stop singing their praises! My daughter goes to campus everyday and always says “I can’t believe I go to this school, it’s like a dream!” She is so thrilled with all the students and staff. She has been able to get to know Suzanne, the Head of School who is warm and loving. She can’t stop talking about how delicious the plant-based meals are. The teachers teach with passion and love what they are doing and it shows. The hiking club is a highlight of her week. Yoga and human rights classes as well. The high school is planning some fun events that they can’t wait to join in on. This is not your average school. This is a place where children can lead with passion and learn by doing. Thank you MUSE!”

— S.W., MUSE Global School Parent

“MUSE Global School creates an incredible environment with wonderful caring staff/teachers, delicious vegan meals, amazing electives, and a loving community that made me feel very welcomed/appreciated. With classes such as human rights, we are able to have deep discussions about worldly issues and how to contribute to making change as young adults. Passion projects allow us students to explore topics beyond school education and dive deep into creativity/learning. With seed to table we grow our own plants and learn about gardening. In cooking we bake weekly vegan meals with our lovely Chef Robin. I honestly have never felt so in love with school and I am excited to wake up for class every day. My mom was a teacher for 14 years and she says that she has never seen such a wonderful school that is so community based and exceeds expectations in every area. We are so blessed to be a part of the MUSE family.”

— MUSE Global School Parent

“My eldest son has attended MUSE from K-5th and my younger son K-1 so far and we have been beyond happy there. They learned so much more than just their academics. My oldest’s favorite class was gardening and cooking. My younger son loved visual arts and performing arts. Both also advanced tremendously in reading and math. Another special thing about MUSE is the passion project. My kids loved to learn academics through these projects and then present their findings to the community. The teachers at MUSE are pure magic. They just get education and really know how to foster the whole child. I love MUSE’s focus on human rights and the environment — not just a one and done lesson, but these themes are a part of the daily instruction.”

— T.W., MUSE Global School Parent

MUSE Global Families
MUSE Global Families

“Our daughter has been at MUSE for 2 years and we all love it! She has flourished both academically and as a human being. This school prepares the children for the world, not just to test well. Our daughter was classified intellectually gifted and talented at her LAUSD school before going to MUSE and we were concerned she wouldn’t be properly stimulated, since private schools don’t have specific GATE programs. What we found is that MUSE has such individualized instruction, that our daughter really advanced in all aspects of her schooling. I highly recommend MUSE Global School — Kudos to all the teachers and staff for taking such good care of our daughter.”

— C.C., MUSE Global School Parent

“Both of my kids have been with MUSE Global School for about 2 years now, one in 4th grade and the other in 9th grade. Let me tell you this! Both my kids love MUSE! My 10 year old was struggling with math before joining and I love that the teachers took their time teaching one-on-one sessions to help him improve. The patience and passion these teachers have for their students is like no other. My kids will be entering 5th and 10th grade at MUSE School, joining MUSE was the best decision by far.”

— Joseph, MUSE Global School Parent

“AMAZING!!! This school gives its students a dynamic education. The school is in two capacities Virtual and In-Person Campus with a superb location tucked into the Santa Monica Mountains in Calabasas, CA. The school teaches to the whole child with pathways to student-led passion learning. There is no other school like it. The school focuses on its five pillars of learning: Academics, Passion-Based Learning, Sustainability, Self-Efficacy, and Communication Model/PCM. The teachers are phenomenal!!! The Specialists are top in their fields of Theater, Art, World Languages, and Seed to Table (Gardens and Cooking with a Vegan emphasis). Suzy Amis Cameron and James Cameron are the founders and the guiding light to this school. Their vision unfolds in your child’s education each and every day. Experience the Joy of Learning!”

— Karen, MUSE Global School Parent

“My family is thrilled with the education our daughter has received in the last 2 years. This is a place where differences are respected and welcomed. There’s a great focus on the environment and the positive side of every child. Academics are strong and there are several different specialists for arts, seed-to-table, cooking, performing arts (amazing), etc. Great school!”

— Daniele, MUSE Global School Parent

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