MUSE Global Students thrive academically through our internationally recognized, award-winning and academically rigorous curriculum. We focus our efforts on the whole child with our student-centered educational approach. This challenges students to excel in all aspects of their education.

As a Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) accredited school, MUSE Global School undergoes a rigorous and relevant self-evaluation and peer review process, with a focus on student outcomes on an annual basis. Learn more about WASC.

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The Five Pillar learning system.
Designed to focus on the student, the community and the planet, MUSE Global’s lessons and activities revolve around a unique system — Passion-Based Learning, Academics, Communication, Self-Efficacy and Sustainability. Learn more about The Five Pillars.

Academic focus in a dynamic environment.
Academics are at the forefront of a MUSE Global education. Teachers are provided with curriculum guides detailing the standards of the academic disciplines per grade level. These resources are diverse and can change year-to-year to better suit the needs of students.

Assessments, grading and matriculation.
Students are assessed via Blueprints, not report cards. Narratives are written by the teachers — along with grade-specific academic standards, goals, and achievements set by the students. Students are assessed across all Five Pillars. Students are prepared at each grade level to matriculate to the next grade.

Advising and college counseling.
In ​all​ levels of our course options we have opportunities for students to ask questions, collaborate and interface with both teachers and advisors to help navigate their learning. High school students will meet with a college counselor in order to prepare them for Higher Education and the application process.

To learn how MUSE Students succeed after graduation, visit our Success Stories page.

“It’s because of inspiring schools such as MUSE Global School that I am an optimist for what is possible in education. MUSE is at the forefront of educating our kids. I am excited that they can share these successful educational models and tools with others, and continue to innovate as they have for the past twelve years. Kids deserve nothing less!”

— Henry Stern, California state senator, seventy-seventh district

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