What Our Families Say About MUSE Global School

What Our Families Say About MUSE Global School Calabasas Ca

The MUSE Global School community is filled with a supportive community – from parents, teachers, and students to the administration. We all share the same desire to see our students thrive. As we look around this year, we realize how fortunate we are to have such a strong community and we wanted to share what our families are saying about MUSE. How lucky are we?

“We love MUSE Global School and everyone we have met so far. More importantly, our kids love MUSE and that makes us so happy!”

“I mean there’s no other school I’ve ever heard of that has such great leadership and compassion for their students and the planet.”

“The thing that sold me on MUSE during my visit was none of the adults were talking down to the students. They seemed like equals.”

“Not only are the teachers stellar and extremely qualified, they are kind and inspiring leaders.”

“In a world where kids are pushed to fit into a cookie-cutter mold, MUSE is a bit of magic.”

“I can’t thank you all enough for furthering my mission to teach my daughter to lead with love and compassion!”

“She loved school so much she cried when it was time to go.”

“I’m so glad we found your program. Our Son has a bright smile on his face again.”

“This really is the perfect place for him. He loves his teachers and has already built such great friendships. He is eager to go to school every day and is learning so much. He even willingly does his homework!”

“She absolutely loves MUSE. She said all the teachers had great energy and were fun and the students were all sweet and she connected with all of them.”

We are always looking to expand our MUSE Family. Start your journey with MUSE Global School and see what all the fuss is about. For more information about MUSE and to learn how to apply, see our FAQ. And be sure to register for our K – 12 Open House on March 20th at 9 AM PDT. Email Alexandra Pesko, our Director of Admissions to reserve your spot today!

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