Early Childhood Education

The MUSE Global School Early Childhood Education Program is designed for children 2.5 to 5 years of age.  MUSE’s unique preschool program is based on child centered, play based learning and principles of individual personalities and community. Social and emotional learning is always at the heart of our Early Childhood Curriculum. And like all curricula at MUSE, we find the most meaningful way to learn social skills is from each other! Teachers facilitate discussions with the whole class capturing child-led ideas and incorporating age-appropriate standards.  Themed books and role-playing are often used to work out questions and issues that arise in the classroom.

Our program is centered around passion-based projects. Early Childhood students have opportunities to explore, hypothesize, question and discuss their passions and interests while teachers facilitate, observe and document their discoveries. Teacher’s observations, combined with student input, create the basis for our unique approach to curriculum, which we call Passion-Based Learning. It is the children’s ideas and passions that guide individual and classroom projects. Our goal is to discover and deeply understand each child, including what they love, and how they learn best.

In addition to passion projects, students are introduced to beginning literacy, math, and science concepts through large group lessons, hands-on learning, station work, all of which are documented in their Blueprint. Students have weekly Specialist courses including Performing Arts, Visual Arts,  Gardening, Seed-To-Table, Foreign Language, and Outdoor Education.

MUSE Global School Early Childhood students are introduced to beginning literacy, math, and science concepts — all in a warm, nurturing environment. Students have weekly enrichment courses including Art, Performing arts Music, Gardening, Seed To Table, and Outdoor Education.

Students are able to explore local spots on field trips that include national and state parks, hike around MUSE’s 22-acre campus, swim in our heated on-campus pool, and visit local farms.


The placement of children into classrooms is based on the age of the child by September 1st. Ages as of September 1st:

Early Childhood Class

2.3 – 3.7 years

(two years three months – three years seven months)

Early Kindergarten

3.8 – 5 years

(three years eight months – five years)


5 years and up


*All students must be potty trained and vaccinated according to School Shots requirements


Early Childhood Early Kindergarten Kindergarten


Please note: we do not offer GED programs.

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