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To make the most of your time at MUSE Global School, we offer our parent community opportunities from free PCM and Self Efficacy courses — with our trained MUSE teachers and administrators — to on-campus events including mini-events featuring specialists, Pillar Talks and Culminations.  Parents, friends and family are invited to come into the classrooms and see their student’s process and passion projects first hand. On campus events include monthly coffees with our founder and administration, town halls, guest speakers with topics including: parenting at every age, education, nutrition and food, and book clubs. Our Parent Association supports school events including festivals, spirit week, ceremonies and are a vital element of our school’s thriving and inclusive community.

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Better communications with your child—Process Communications Model (PCM)
In our PCM workshops — including Introduction to PCM, PCM Core and Advanced Training — PCM Trainers offer various opportunities to improve communication within your home. Learn about PCM and MUSE Global School.



Find your Calm Parenting
Taught by Katherine Salzberg, this workshop brings back the joy to parenting with coachable techniques that will relieve stress in the home and helps you reclaim the joy of parenting.

Private Practice of therapists and psychiatrists
We partner with The Fulton Psychological Group, located in Calabasas, CA and provide parent education and training. The Fulton Group offers parent training to deal with a myriad of childhood issues; including instruction in parent empowerment programs, conjoint sessions with a parent and child and multi parent groups to assist parents with similar parenting issues. They work with parents of younger children on establishing behavioral modification programs, responding to tantrums, overcoming homework battles and appropriate use of discipline and rewards. They also help parents of teens cope with their teen’s mood swings, hostility, drug and alcohol use, lack of motivation and/or depression. And they assist parents of teens in creating “contracts” so that all parties are on the same page with respect to expectations and consequences.

Virtual Parent Workshops
Our most recent virtual workshop featured Aaron Huey — “Good Choices, Risky Behaviors, Developing Self-Concept” — The Foundation of a Child’s Resiliency”. Parents learned about teen behavior from making “bad” decisions to the human need for fulfillment and the cycle of human needs. He discussed self-esteem and how to develop healthy character. We also went through various examples of social media — the good, bad and the off button.

More than sex-ed for Parents
Helps parents identify and express your values regarding healthy sexuality, Understand sexuality topics that are critical at each developmental stage while Increasing your comfort with discussing gender diversity and sexual orientation. Parents can learn the facts about sexual health dangers impacting children and youth. And also, express the important messages about sexuality you want to give your children.

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