High School

At MUSE Global High School students play an important role in developing and driving their learning experience. Students’ academic experience is embedded in their passion-based work. This approach enables teachers to guide students as they make connections across academic disciplines that expand and enrich learning and understanding. MUSE Global’s interdisciplinary approach fosters opportunities to deeply explore and engage in the humanities, mathematics, science, and the arts.

Students engage in a range of learning activities that deepen their critical thinking skills by connecting learning to real-world problem-solving. We support and encourage Internships, mentorships, dual enrollment in college courses, service-learning activities, and independent study opportunities to enrich the students experiential learning.

Our 9th – 12th grade students are led by one advisor per grade and multiple instructors for each discipline. Specialist courses are taught by independent specialty teachers.

MUSE School creates a post-secondary culture for all students, whether you want to attend college, join the workforce, or take a GAP year. With this in mind, the MUSE Global YOUPrep guide will expose you to a variety of professional, academic, and social pathways so that you can pursue your passions and prepare for the next chapter. In addition, we assist in the planning of individual course selection to maximize post-MUSE opportunities. As a part of your preparation, you will apply to a minimum of three colleges, research gap year programs, and explore employment opportunities and applications working alongside the MUSE College Counselor.


Grade 9 Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12 You Prep


Please note: we do not offer GED programs.

“My husband and I see our sons graduating high school from MUSE. The type of learning you get here is a long term investment. Our sons learned so much here, not only academically but as human beings. It’s so important to be a well rounded person and you can’t get this type of education anywhere else.”

— Parent of two MUSE Global Students

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