Outdoor Education


Outdoor education is ever-present at MUSE School. Our campuses are designed encourage outdoor exploration and discovery daily. Teachers use our “outdoor classroom” as an environmental preference for study, as well as inspirational motivation for students.

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Our Outdoor Education program begins in ECE with hiking the ridge of our campus, swimming in our pool, and on campus grounds learning about nature, plants, and animals. In Elementary school, students explore outside of campus and engage in day trips exploring local hiking trails, farms, state parks, and beaches. Once students move into 6th grade, middle schoolers have one night camping excursions on campus grounds and by high school take 3-5 day trips with our Outdoor Education facilitators. Past trips have included Zion, Death Valley, Kern, and Joshua Tree. All MUSE outdoor education experiences encourage team building and include engaging and challenging activities which promote community and self-efficacy. MUSE students are an integral part of the planning and execution of these trips. Students help design the menu, plan packing lists, purchase food, and assist teachers in designing the schedule of curriculum.

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In addition, MUSE students meet once a week with the program facilitators taking advantage of on campus activities such as hiking, climbing the rock wall, swimming, basketball, soccer, volleyball, and skating — all while developing team building skills.

“We don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”

— David Brower

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