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At MUSE Global, our valued community is made up of not only our brilliant students and accomplished teachers and staff but of the wonderful parents, families, and friends raising our world’s next leaders. We believe that learning for all of our students extends far beyond the classroom, and we know that the lessons learned at home are some of the most valuable in a young person’s education. For this reason, we offer Parent Workshops as an essential part of our Beyond Academics program, which builds bridges between what we teach our students in the classroom and what they learn at home and cultivates a community in which students can thrive and succeed.

We find that our students are always excited to share what they’re learning at school with the people who care about them the most, which is just one of the reasons we love to have families join us on our beautiful Calabasas, California-based MUSE Global campus for a variety of special events and workshops or even just to visit their child’s classroom.

PCM workshops at MUSE help establish communication

We are proud to offer our parents free Process Communication Model® (PCM) and Self Efficacy courses – including Introduction to PCM, PCM Core, and Advanced Training – led by our highly qualified teachers and administrators. What is PCM? Well, in short, it’s a tried-and-true method of carving and carrying out better communication pathways.

Created by Dr. Taibi Kahler, PCM has helped many families establish healthy, productive, respectful communication in their homes, especially with their children as they develop and mature. Practicing PCM allows us, as responsible adults, to be more self-reflective and observe our own behaviors, which gives us the opportunity to determine both our own preferred methods of communication and also what others’ may be. In this way, we can create awareness of our own personalities, recognize how others communicate, adjust our communication styles, and thereby build happier, more harmonious relationships.

Learn more about PCM workshops at MUSE Global.

Visiting speakers at MUSE inspire our community

In addition to our PCM workshops, each year MUSE hosts a variety of interesting, informative, and inspiring guest lecturers who cover a wide range of topics relating to many of the tenets we believe in and teach at school. These workshops are often held virtually and can be joined from the comfort of your own home. Our most recent speaker, Aaron Huey, led a talk called, “Good Choices, Risky Behaviors, Developing Self-Concept — The Foundation of a Child’s Resiliency.” In this workshop, Aaron covered subjects that seem unavoidable in the current time – like social media and its effects on young people – in addition to more timeless topics, like how to build self-esteem and develop healthy character.

Talking about sexuality with your kids can be easy

Talking to your kids about sex is often seen as difficult, awkward, and uncomfortable – but it doesn’t have to be, and it is important in today’s world now more than ever. Research has consistently shown that young people who have regular conversations with their caregivers about sex and relationships are far less likely to take risks with their sexual health, and more likely to be informed, healthy, safe, and responsible. Sexuality is a part of life and growing up, and here at MUSE, we think it’s essential to provide families with resources and guidance on navigating this often-sensitive topic. In our Sex Ed workshops, we have open conversations about expressing healthy, appropriate sexuality at each developmental stage, and work together towards increasing our comfort in discussing gender, diversity, and sexual orientation as a family from an early age.

The benefits of therapy are endless

So many things are gained through healthy communication, and working with a therapist is a wonderful way to sort through problems we cannot solve ourselves – and this absolutely goes for children and adults. At MUSE, we are proud to partner with The Fulton Psychological Group, a local mental health group, to provide education to our community of caregivers. The Fulton Group works with parents facing many different issues affecting children of all ages; for families of younger children, discussions often include establishing behavioral modification programs, responding to tantrums, overcoming homework battles, and the appropriate use of the discipline and reward system; for older preteens and teenagers, they help parents to cope with their teen’s mood swings, hostility, drug and alcohol use, lack of motivation and/or depression. The Fulton Group engages our families through parent empowerment programs, in joint sessions with both parents and their children, and via multi-family group sessions to connect those facing similar issues.

Families are always welcome on campus

At MUSE Global, it is indispensable for us to keep parents and caregivers plugged into their students’ lives here at the school. We invite parents, families, and friends onto our campus and into our classrooms to share in their child’s progress and passion projects firsthand. We regularly host on-campus events, including monthly coffees with our founder and administration, town halls, and book clubs. In addition, we encourage families to join our Parent Association, which supports our exciting school events like festivals, spirit week, and ceremonies. It is essential to our school’s diverse, inclusive, and thriving community.

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