Everything You Need To Know About MUSE Global Early Kindergarten

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What Is Early Kindergarten?

The MUSE Global Early Kindergarten (EK) program is our version of transitional kindergarten. Transitional kindergarten – also known as TK – is a bridge year for children who don’t yet meet the age requirements for elementary school or who might benefit from the time and support that an extra year can provide them. It offers a developmentally appropriate, play-based education that helps our youngest learners start their academic adventures and meet their social-emotional needs. And since 90% of brain growth happens before kindergarten, this extra year can help close the achievement gap between students.

When Can Your Child Enroll For Early Kindergarten?

At MUSE Global, our Early Kindergarten program is available for children three years and eight months old to five years of age. They are placed in the program based on their age as of September 1st of the school year. Those dates may be subject to change, so be sure to check with the school for specific dates.

What Are the Benefits of Transitional Kindergarten?

Unlike traditional preschool and pre-K options, the early kindergarten program uses the MUSE curriculum. That means EK students have a more structured curriculum based on our Five Pillars. MUSE Global EK students will learn the literacy and language, beginner math, and science and social studies needed to give them a strong foundation for their kindergarten experience.

Why MUSE Global Early Kindergarten?

MUSE Global’s early childhood education program centers your child on the educational journey. Our goal is to discover and deeply understand each child, including what they love and how they learn best, and then use that to provide each student with the most fulfilling experience.

We offer child-centered, play-based instruction that helps develop your child’s personality and sense of community. We make learning fun for them by building our programs around passion-based projects and ensuring all our students are well-adapted by putting social-emotional learning at the heart of our curricula.

Our students also learn from each other and are introduced to beginning literacy, math, and science concepts through group lessons, hands-on learning, and station work and become more well-rounded wi

Are you interested in learning more? Click HERE to read more about our early childhood education program. If you’re ready to take the plunge, apply to MUSE Global HERE.

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