MUSE Global Post Secondary Preparation

Post Secondary Preparation

At MUSE Global School, thinking about the future is what we do. From our Green Campus initiatives to our commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, we are always looking forward. And that’s the same mindset we bring to our high school experience.

Our You Prep program creates a post-secondary culture for all our students, regardless of their plans. Whether you are looking to go directly into college, join the workforce or take some time off with a gap year, our counselors will expose you to a variety of professional, academic, and social pathways so that you can continue to pursue your passions and prepare for your next chapter.

The program is divided into four themes from their 9th to 12th-grade years.

This Is Who I Am – 9th Grade

In the preliminary phase of the You Prep program, our students explore their post secondary options with a MUSE Global College Counselor. During this year, they participate in several conversations exploring the idea of college, gap years, or any other post-MUSE experiences to start forming a vision of their future. Students work with a College Counselor to begin a draft of a student resume that focuses on their passions and start researching a minimum of two colleges.

This Is How I Am – 10th Grade

In this phase, students are encouraged to think more specifically about their future academic or career interests and to explore those ideas by interacting with experts in their chosen field. Our College Counselors discuss the necessary tests for the student’s chosen path, recommend academic or service-related summer programs, and encourage them to attend college fairs and presentations at MUSE Global from visiting college representatives.

Here, students are introduced to the college application and work with a College Counselor to learn about the application process. College Counselors also walk students through their college eligibility and the scholarship and grant opportunities available. MUSE Global also coordinates and chaperones two college field trips for each student in their tenth-grade year.

This Is Me – 11th Grade

The third phase of the You Prep program focuses on researching the details of eight to ten schools and on visiting campuses with a parent or College Counselor. These details include student-to-faculty ratio, available internships, college “culture,” and more. MUSE Global School also provides college visits to eleventh and twelfth-grade students, traveling as far as San Francisco, San Diego, and beyond.

Since practice makes perfect, students participate in four mock interviews with MUSE administrators or community volunteers to prepare them for college and career interviews. They also practice writing college entrance essays incorporating the Five Pillars and complete mock applications to 1-2 universities of their choice. Students also draft formal requests and secure sources for future letters of recommendation.

This Is Where I Am Going – 12th Grade

In the final phase, students focus on their capstone culmination and senior thesis, presented at the end of the spring semester. This presentation incorporates our Five Pillars and how they have used them during their time at MUSE Global. They also finalize college and scholarship applications, entrance essays, and recommendation letters.

This preparation is why 100% of our graduating class was accepted to their first-choice school last year. Are you ready to plan for the future with MUSE? Learn more about our You Prep.


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