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High School. Four years of opportunity and growth. It is often considered the period in someone’s life where they change and evolve the most. It’s a time for young people to learn, to listen, to collaborate, to create; to find out who they are and who they might become as they advance beyond their secondary schooling and enter the new and exciting world that is adulthood. The decision to pursue a private education is a significant one; but with endless private school options in the Los Angeles area alone, deciding which one to spend these pivotal years at can feel that much more overwhelming. How do you determine which is the right fit for your student? At MUSE Global, we recognize just how important a young person’s high school years are and aim to be the very best private high school in the Los Angeles area year after year.

At MUSE, Individuality and Passion are Key

MUSE Global’s high school program strives to highlight each student as an individual by employing a curriculum driven predominantly by the students themselves. We believe strongly in passion-based learning; that is, the idea that encouraging students to engage in what drives them helps to establish an education that challenges, that is unique, that inspires. In our high school program, students play a central role in creating and guiding their learning experience based on their individual interests.

But First, Academics

Academics are at the forefront of any education, and MUSE Global’s rigorous academic curriculum is no exception to this. Our students excel in our internationally recognized and award-winning program. We are a Western Association of Schools and College (WASC) accredited school, and by way of this, undergo a meticulous peer- and self-review process that focuses our yearly goals on student outcomes.

Our 9-12 curriculum goes in-depth into subjects including Humanities, Human Rights, Algebra, Calculus, Geometry, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Climate Crisis and Action.

Explore our comprehensive high school curriculum.

But Academics Aren’t Everything

High school students at MUSE are engaging in weekly classes in Seed-to-Table and learning to cook with the MUSE Head Chef. They are learning to dance, act, sing, edit, direct, and more in our performing arts program. They are traveling the world to far-off cities like Florence and Tokyo, studying art and culture as part of our 8-day international visual arts trip. They are learning to be contributing, responsible members of society via human rights book club and through collaborations with local charities and organizations. They are engaging in creative writing, storytelling, yearbook, coding, yoga, leadership programs, and so much more.

Going Beyond the Classroom

Our Calabasas-based private high school campus is only one place where our students spend their time learning. As high schoolers progress from ninth, to tenth, to eleventh, to twelfth grades, we foster the development of their critical thinking skills more and more by helping them connect what they learn at school to what’s going on in “the real world.” We support and encourage internships, mentorships, dual enrollment in college courses, service-learning activities, and independent study opportunities to supplement and enhance the students’ experiential learning.

Supporting the Transition to Adult Life

Education doesn’t end when a student graduates, and at MUSE Global, we want to be sure that our graduating seniors are given the very best preparation possible for their journey forward. That’s why our YouPrep guide exists; to give high school students the opportunity to experience an assortment of academic, social, and professional avenues in order to best prepare for that next chapter ahead. And at MUSE, that preparation begins not as a senior but in ninth grade!

Students might choose to pursue a college education, jump straight into the workforce, or even take a gap year to figure it all out. No matter what one chooses, MUSE is here to support that transition through four key phrases — “this is who I am,” “this is how I am,” “this is me,” and “this is where I am going.” As a student progresses through each year of high school, they explore these ideas in sequence, building upon their preparedness for what lies ahead of them and gaining confidence in all of the decisions they make for their futures.

Go more in-depth with our YouPrep program.

 Success Stories

The successes and achievements of our students are our pride and joy at MUSE. Here is a list of the diverse colleges and universities where our graduating seniors have been accepted. See for yourself why MUSE Global is the best private high school in the Los Angeles area and the best choice for your student.

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