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The Best Private Elementary Education In LA - MUSE Global School

Elementary school is the time many consider to be the most important, most formative years of your child’s education. It’s the first place where your child learns to read, to count, to make friends, to think critically about the world around them. It’s also an avenue for your child to explore their interests, to discover their passions, to find what intrigues them and what challenges them.

It is broadly accepted that the education your child receives in their elementary years plays a pivotal role in how they will perform in their secondary education (middle school, high school) and beyond — into college, and as a student of the world. So, of course, one of the most important tasks laid out in front of a caregiver is to set their child up for success, and to provide them with the fundamental skills they will need as they journey through their education. At MUSE Global School in beautiful Calabasas, CA, we are proud to give families this very opportunity.

 There’s No Education Like a Private Education

The benefits of a private education for young children especially are boundless. With smaller class sizes, young students receive more personalized, one-on-one attention from their teachers. And speaking of teachers, private educators like the ones at the MUSE Global School are passionate about what they teach and are there to encourage and inspire. Private school students are more engaged in the classroom, more dedicated to their studies, and more excited to learn. They have consistently higher overall test scores than public school students, ultimately with close to 100% of students graduating. Private school grads are extremely likely to both attend and graduate from higher institutions of learning — in fact, private schools have a 95% college admissions rate amongst graduating seniors, with more than half earning acceptance to the most distinguished and selective colleges and universities.

But MUSE Global School is not just any private school. At MUSE Global, we go above and beyond to not only uphold these widely-appreciated benefits of private education, but to lay groundwork that is meaningful, enriching, and unique, especially for the youngest students. At MUSE Global, your child won’t just receive a private education; they will build a foundation upon which to create a passion for learning that will last a lifetime.

Passion-Based Learning

MUSE’s mission is simple: we strive to both inspire and prepare children to live consciously with themselves, one another, and the planet. We are fearless in achieving this goal in that we believe, above all else, that young people learn better when they are learning about something they love. And what better to love than learning itself? Our approach is (and always will be!) passion-based: getting children excited about learning through experiencing what inspires them the most. In addition to academics, students at MUSE Global encounter Specialist Courses, Outdoor Education, International & Domestic Travel Opportunities, and the Process Communication Model (PCM). And, of course, they will always have the space at MUSE to explore anything and everything that speaks to them as individuals.

Academics Are Key

The most obvious question for any caregiver who first seeks educational opportunities for their child might very well be, “Will my child be challenged academically?” Rest assured — our answer is a resounding YES! MUSE Global’s curriculum shines amongst its counterparts in the Los Angeles area: our rigorous program is internationally recognized and award-winning. In each elementary year, MUSE students learn Literacy, Math, Science, and Social Studies skills that build upon one another as they progress from the 1st through 5th grade. They become avid readers and colorful storytellers. They learn fundamental math skills and how to apply them to the real-world problems they encounter every day. They begin to understand the physical makeup of our world and how it works, and study those who came before them and shaped the world as we know it today — and that’s all before turning eleven!

The Best Education in the Best Location

The MUSE Global School’s campus in sunny, beautiful Calabasas is the perfect place for your child to begin their educational journey. And we’re not just limited to Calabasas — MUSE serves the greater Los Angeles area — including Malibu, Granada Hills, Santa Monica, Woodland Hills, Mountain View, Agoura Hills and Northridge — an indisputably exciting location to begin an even more exciting adventure in elementary education.

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