Grade 10


Humanities II
This course is a study of Modern World History from the Glorious Revolution through contemporary events and developments (1700 C.E to the present). This course investigates the major turning points that defined and shaped our modern world. It examines the shifts in thinking, the discoveries and innovations, the conflicts, the rebellions, and the revolutions that have transpired over the last 300 years. All units connect the past to the present with emphasis on geography, culture, political systems, economics, scientific and technological developments, population changes, causes and consequences of wars, and the ever-shrinking and interconnected world. This course is entitled “World History II-Change, Rebellion, and the Interconnected World.”

Human Rights Program

The three guiding principles of the Human Rights classes are:
1. The study of history, terminology, and current events; 2. Advocacy, action, and service; 3. Community engagement and support.

This course acquaints students with the language of logic, formal and informal mathematical writing, and the building blocks of Euclidean Geometry. Students explore coordinate geometry within the context of points, lines, planes and how all three can define figures and their spatial relationships in two and three-dimensions. Students will use Inductive and deductive reasoning to create and prove existing mathematical arguments about angle relationships, lines & planes, triangles’ properties, polygons’ properties, circles, area, volume, and right triangle trigonometry. Throughout, curriculum is delivered through abstract analysis, real-world applications, independent practice, and students’ individual passion projects.

Chemistry at MUSE covers all areas required in the California state standards. The fundamentals in MUSE chemistry include: the periodic table, nomenclature, the mole, balancing chemical equations, thermodynamics, acid/base chemistry, oxidation/reduction, and stoichiometry. Labs are sprinkled throughout the year to bring the concepts to life and enhance the students’ understanding and appreciation for chemistry.


Please note: we do not offer GED programs.

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