Grade 7


Humanities — History/Language Arts
Students become global historians as they learn about the geography, religion, achievements, politics, economics, and social structures from around the world during the middle ages. Reading will involve primary sources from the past and current news from America’s perspective as well as news from that region. Students read a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts including novels, poems, essays, and short stories. Students are constantly writing (creative and academic pieces), researching, and presenting their work.

Math Fundamentals
Students make sense of the world while solving real-world problems through creative and critical thinking. The ultimate goal of this course is to give students a foundation for exploring and understanding algebra and geometry so they may be inspired and prepared for the rest of their math lives. We focus on having a positive math identity, learning to persevere when problem-solving, and relating math concepts to our passions. Major units of study include ratio/proportional relationships, integers and rational numbers, expressions and equations, geometry, and statistics/probability.

7th grade science at MUSE focuses on skill building for scientific investigation. Coordinate geometry and its applications are introduced for analyzing data. Metric and English measurement are explored and students learn basic conversions both within and across systems. Scientific disciplines covered include: chemistry, electricity, cells, and coding in scratch.


Please note: we do not offer GED programs.

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