Grade 4


Our fourth graders are busy growing their abilities as readers and writers. In our literary studies, students are exploring the structural elements of poems and dramas, comparing and contrasting point-of-view, and making connections to themes and patterns of events. Fourth grade students also learn to make inferences, utilize academic language, and pull evidence from informational text. In the area of writing, they continue their practice of opinion, explanatory, and narrative writing, and begin to create five-paragraph essays.

MUSE fourth graders are passionate about our math explorations! Through engaging, hands-on activities, students continue to solidify their multiplication and division  fluency and learn geometric measurement. They also develop a strong grasp of fractions, including comparing fractions, generating equivalent fractions, and adding and subtracting fractions.

Our fourth grade students are natural scientists! Throughout the year they delve into the world of physical science, earth science, and life science. They explore energy and light reflection and investigate rock formations, fossils, and weathering.  They dive deep into the structure and function of plants and the classification of mammals.  Fourth grade science studies engage and inspire our students to be passionate about the world around them.

Social Studies
Fourth grade students at MUSE learn the story of their home state, unique in American history in terms of its vast and varied geography, its waves of immigration, its continuous diversity, economic energy, and rapid growth. Students expand their map skills as they plot and identify locations and topography throughout California. They will also examine the effects of the Gold Rush on settlements, daily life, politics, and the economy.


Please note: we do not offer GED programs.

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