Grade 2


MUSE second graders are thriving readers! Students begin picking their own independent reading books about their passions and interests. To build their fluency and comprehension, students participate in small reading groups, partner reading, and collaborative book studies. Second grade students also enjoy exploring the writing process through a daily “Writer’s Workshop.” Students learn to express their ideas on paper, take feedback from peers during the editing process, publish their writing, and become proud authors.

Second grade students love exploring numbers and growing their place value knowledge. Second grade students focus on growing their number concepts and mathematical calculations of numbers 101-1,000! Through hands-on opportunities with our classroom manipulatives, students learn to count money, tell time to the minute, solve word problems, and solve multi-step addition and subtraction problems.

Second grade students explore physical, life, and earth sciences. Through hikes and adventures around our MUSE campus, second graders begin discussing rock types, land formations, soils, and the physical attributes of plants. Second grade students also learn to conduct research experiments and walk through the steps of the scientific method. Students also enjoy exploring the forces of motion, gravity’s attributes, and magnetism.

Social Studies
Historical connections, map skills, economics, and government guide the second grade social studies curriculum. Students engage in lessons about local and state government and how bills become laws. They also enjoy learning to read and create maps. Students love learning about the people, places, and policies of the past. They conduct their own independent research projects about International and American influencers of the twentieth century.


Please note: we do not offer GED programs.

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