Grade 1


First grade students become avid readers! In first grade, students will develop a deeper understanding of books they read by identifying key details and features across a variety of texts. Students meet in daily reading groups where they receive individualized instruction to improve reading comprehension and fluency. First graders put their words on paper to tell stories, express opinions, and share information. They gain practice in the writing process by rereading, editing, and through peer collaboration.

First grade mathematicians grow their number sense and operations. Students will work with adding and subtracting double digit numbers and understanding place value up to the hundreds place. Students will begin to see how math concepts learned in school can be applied to real world situations by using their skills to solve addition and subtraction story problems. Through inquiry and hands-on exploration, students will also develop skills in measurement and data as well as geometry.

Our first grade scientists will explore physical, life and earth sciences. Students explore solids, liquids and gasses and the properties of each state. They study animals and their habitats, plants, and weather. First graders learn to record data from their experiments and investigations by creating bar graphs and drawing diagrams to portray their observations.

Social Studies
First graders learn historical connections, map skills, economics, and government. They study significant people and places, symbols and holidays of their nation and communities. Students also learn to read and construct simple maps.



Please note: we do not offer GED programs.

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