Early Kindergarten


Ages 3.8 – 5 years old

EK Students are beginning to make reflective connections and engage in active conversations with teachers and peers. They are encouraged to express their opinions and feelings when engaging with friends. Students in EK will ask and answer questions in order to seek help, get information or clarify something that is not understood. Through consistent journaling, students are dictating stories for teachers to write down. 

Our EK Students are gaining pre-reading skills through daily read-alouds and interactive circle times. Students are encouraged to attempt to retell a story that has been read and ask and answer questions about a text.

 These students are strengthening their phonological awareness by beginning to recognize and write upper case letters and their sounds. They are able to create drawings with distinctive shapes and symbols that represent their thoughts or ideas.

EK students can count and recognize numbers 1-30 in print. They are learning to create simple patterns and geometric shapes using paper as well as hands-on manipulatives. The students are gaining an understanding of the concept of measurement through using non-standard units learning the idea of “more” and “less.”

The EK students are becoming inquisitive thinkers who are gaining an understanding of the Scientific Method. Through exploring new materials and textures, classroom experiments, and campus explorations, students are encouraged to make observations and predictions. Students are beginning to understand the natural world through exploring different habitats and the qualities specific to living things.

Social Studies
The EK students are gaining confidence in themselves and their role within the school community. They participate in classroom jobs and help in creating the classroom agreements. These students are encouraged to notice diversity in human characteristics and celebrate the differences between themselves and their peers.



Please note: we do not offer GED programs.

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