What Are MUSE Global Five Pillars?

What Are The Five Pillars - MUSE Global School

Here at MUSE Global, we’re far more than a school – we’re a tight-knit community of parents, teachers, and faculty with a singular purpose: providing students with the best education possible. Since our founding in 2006, we’ve worked to accomplish that using the MUSE Global Five Pillars: Passion-Based Learning, Academics, Communication, Self-Efficacy, and Sustainability.

This philosophy helped MUSE Global become an internationally recognized, award-winning school that prepares the whole student for success… not just their minds. Each grade level has been expertly designed to incorporate the five pillars and create an educational experience that helps students thrive.

Let’s take a closer look at the MUSE Global Five Pillars.

  1. Passion-Based Learning

The first pillar, passion-based learning, seamlessly connects academic requirements and student interests. This fosters an environment where students look forward to learning and are more engaged, inspired, and motivated.

The key to its effectiveness is the passion project. At the start of each semester, students select topics they’re passionate about, such as trains, chemistry, and classical music. Students then study science, math, language arts, history, and more through the lens of that passion. Suppose a student selects music, they may decide to research the role of mathematics in creating rhythm, the science behind the eardrum transforming invisible vibrating frequencies into sound, and the undeniable influence of music on cultures throughout history.

Our community plays an essential role in this pillar. Speaking with an expert in the field they’re passionate about adds depth to their studies. It offers students a look at the bigger picture, helping them connect their passions with the world outside the classroom. Community support often takes the form of mentorships, interviews, or even internships.

At the end of the semester, students share their experiences with family, friends, and peers at our culmination event. They discuss how their passion connects with the world and what they were surprised to learn on their journey. Along with many other benefits, passion projects motivate students and encourage them to take ownership of their education.

  1. Academics

It’s no surprise that academics are at the forefront of everything we do here at MUSE Global. While our educators teach core subjects according to grade-level standards, their teaching methods are fluid to ensure we set each student up for success at MUSE and beyond. In addition to core classes, we offer special elective courses, including performing arts, visual arts, seed-to-table, and world language… just to name a few.

The faculty at MUSE also help set our academics apart. Before becoming teachers, many have had exciting life experiences, such as working on Broadway, managing restaurants, and living on a farm. This real-world expertise allows them to layer meaningful context into each lesson they teach.

While traditional schools rely on report cards, we use the MUSE Blueprint to provide valuable insight into a student’s entire educational experience. Instead of letter grades, we use a compelling narrative to walk parents through their child’s journey. The 18-page, in-depth guide doesn’t just tell parents how their child is doing in school – it also shows them what motivates, inspires, and drives their child’s success.

  1. Communications

Our next pillar is one of the most important skills we can teach. In fact, verbal and nonverbal communication plays such a vital role in life that our entire faculty and staff are trained in The Process Communication Model (PCM).

MUSE teachers use this invaluable tool every day to:

  • Assess, address, and resolve conflict
  • Observe and understand student behavior
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Avoid miscommunication

We teach students in grades K-12 elements of PCM throughout their journey at MUSE and even offer parents the opportunity to learn more about it.

Here at MUSE, students use PCM to:

  • Advocate for themselves
  • Strengthen communication with peers
  • Identify and express individual needs
  • Determine their preferred communication style
  1. Self-Efficacy

While the other four pillars are based on how students learn, this one is about how they see themselves. At MUSE, self-efficacy is a young person’s belief that they can achieve success using their open, resourceful, and persistent skill set.

Much like self-affirmations, research has found a direct correlation between the perceived ability to succeed and achieving success. By encouraging them to believe in themselves, we’re helping students develop a positive self-image and fostering a skill that’ll serve them well throughout life.

Part of this is MUSORY, a combination of communication and self-efficacy. This practice includes having students journal, focus on their goals, and discuss community issues in class each day.

  1. Sustainability

At MUSE Global, sustainability is studied at each grade level and practiced with real-world applications. Students collaborate on solution-oriented projects, attend specialized classes, and examine sustainability issues from local and global perspectives.

This commitment to eco-conservation includes green initiatives, such as One Meal a Day for the Planet. This popular initiative encourages our community to eat one 100% plant-based meal each day. Along with the health benefits, it teaches students that making a small change can impact the environment.

We’re proud that our conservation efforts are not merely theories taught in the classroom but are on display every day. An example of this is our transition to 100% solar-powered electricity – an accomplishment that exemplifies our unwavering commitment to passing the importance of sustainability to the next generation.

In Closing

We believe that the MUSE Global five pillars provide students with everything they need to achieve success, define their own happiness, and make a positive difference in this world.

If you’re interested in learning more about MUSE Global, please contact us… we’d love to explain how our pillars can help your child succeed. We can answer your questions, send information, and even schedule a campus tour.

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