Becky O’Mara

Becky is delighted to be MUSE Global’s middle school social studies teacher! She has lived in Malibu for her entire life and loves serving this beautiful community. Becky graduated from UCLA in 2018 and currently attends Johns Hopkins University, where she is pursuing a master’s in Education. Previously, Becky taught middle school English at MUSE, and previously, she taught third grade for two years in Downtown Los Angeles. Becky has expressed that joining the team at MUSE Global is a dream come true. She is thankful that MUSE has created a space where young people can learn in a thoroughly empathetic environment that fosters their sense of self and champions them to influence others to reach for a higher sense of consciousness. Her vision is to help students learn what their gifts are to feel empowered to spread their many talents to each person, place, and opportunity they encounter. Becky envisions each student becoming fearless while navigating school. Furthermore, when confronted with an academic challenge, each student will rise to the occasion with confidence. Consequently, she has no doubts that this confidence will beget more confidence in other parts of each student’s life. Becky looks forward to continuing this journey together! Becky loves plants, pasta, dinosaurs, and her dog, Bui.

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